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Natural Stone

Granite - is the hardest of the stones. Even the softest granite is harder than any limestone, marble or slate. Its durability and resistance to heat and acids used in cooking (lemon juice, vinegar) make kitchen countertops the number one
 residential use for granite. Granite scores high from a sanitary standpoint – it resists such bacteria as
 salmonella. Among other granite uses are bar tops, table tops, center islands, outdoor kitchens and floors.

Marble - is a highly decorative stone and more porous than granite. It is mainly used because of its veining
 and color. Common choices are fireplace surrounds, tub surrounds, vanity tops and table tops.

Limestone - is a softer stone and has the least amount of veining. It is popular among those people
 looking for a flat, matte finish. Limestone can be used for fireplace surrounds as well as vanity tops.

Slate - is a hard stone that ranks high in abrasion resistance. Main uses are for flooring and such bathroom applications as shower stalls, floors and walls.

Onyx - is similar to alabaster and marble. It’s wonderfully translucent but very, very soft. It’s not for walking surfaces but is great for walls and in the bath.

Soapstone - is often used for kitchen countertops. It acquires a patina with age and requires regular oiling for maintenance. It is very uniform in appearance.

Travertine - is a type of limestone. It is known for its many holes that are formed from sulfur bubbles eating away at the stone as it is formed. The holes can be filled with synthetic resins and cements or left in its natural state. Travertine can be polished or left in its natural matte finish and is often used for flooring, fireplace surrounds, table tops and bathroom applications.
Quartz also known as “engineered stone,” is made by combining 93% quartz (an element in granite) with resin and pigments in a process that binds the medium permanently.
According to the Moh’s hardness scale, a scientific measurement that rates the hardness or scratch resistance of minerals, quartz is ranked 4th behind topaz, sapphires, and diamonds.
 Colors and patterns are more consistent in manufactured stone product. This results in better matches of countertop surface to backslash transitions and edge detail seams, as compared to the inconsistencies of natural stone products.
However, each company uses the same process and produces basically the same countertop with the only differences being in the colors available.
No matter which company you choose to buy from, engineered quartz surfacing will look fantastic on your kitchen countertops, kitchen island, bathroom vanity, wet bar or wine cellar.
Consumer Reports Magazine rated quartz as the top performer among countertop materials such as granite, ceramic tile, stainless steel, laminate, marble, limestone, and concrete when it came to resisting prime kitchen hazards such as stains, heat and scratches.
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