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Tel. 818-255-5585 * Fax. 818-255-5857
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7316 Bellaire Ave North Hollywood, CA 91605
Vetrazzo... the original recycled glass surface

For a decade now, Vetrazzo® has created dazzling surfaces in places where people live, work and play all across the country.
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Exquisitely repurposed glass

With Vetrazzo Surfaces you can express both your styles and your respect for the earth without compromise. Vetrazzo is 85% glass, and all the glass we use is recycled - so it really is good for the environment.
Strong & Beautiful

Vetrazzo’s artful surfaces are incredibly strong, durable, and a joy to live with, now and for a long, long time.

Vetrazzo wins the first annual Green Log Home & Lifestyle AwardsTM in the countertop division. Judged most eco-friendly from a crowded field of surfacing options.
Champagne Flint
Vetrazzo... the original recycled glass surface
Cool Titanium
Cobalt Skyy®
(with patina)
Bistro Green
Bistro Green
(with patina)
Alehouse Amber
(with patina)
Floating Blue
Alehouse Amber

Glass House
Charisma Blue
Cubist Clear
Cobalt Skyy®
Chivalry Blue
Palladian Gray
Hollywood Sage
Martini Flint
Margarita Flint
Porter Flint
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